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National Presentation Campaign at ALTCON2015: Bringing Trauma-Informed Yoga-Based Practices to the Top

conferences Aug 08, 2015

People with mental and/or substance use disorders typically die years earlier than the general population.

My sister, D’Arcy, died at the age of thirty.

I believe that, because I practice Yoga and meditation, I survived.

I have been accepted as a presenter at the Alternatives Conference 2015 in Memphis, Tennessee, October 14-18. ALTCON2015 brings national and international community leaders together in the promise of peer support and recovery, to transform the mental health system with alternatives to healthcare interventions, along with the evidence to support it.

I am appealing for donations to fund my presence at this conference.

Presenters must pay to attend.

I have created a GoFundMe campaign to support this journey.

Conference production is federally funded SAMHSA, The Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Agency, part of The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

SAMHSA’s mission is “to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America’s communities.”

SAMHSA has mandated that public health agencies nationwide integrate proactive and holistic recovery interventions, such as Yoga-based practices, led by peers in recovery. 

I am a peer in recovery.

I am also a  Certified Ananda® Yoga Therapist.

I am a researcher, teacher, sister, gardener and friend living with bipolar disorder successfully in recovery.

I am being invited to this conference to introduce Yoga-based practices and meditation as therapeutic interventions for anxiety relief to leaders in healthcare:

policy makers, pharmaceutical representatives, mental health advocates and others.

Please participate in helping me to achieve the goal of educating the nation’s behavioral health leaders on relaxation, breathing and attention training.

Your generous contribution to this GoFundMe campaign is greatly appreciated! You will be informing countless people in need on the benefits of simple breath and movement techniques.

Therapeutic, Yoga-based interventions complement these federal mandates:

  1. Wellness and empowerment
  2. Prevention services
  3. Treatment and support services and
  4. Surveillance, research, and evaluation.

I have been guaranteed a 75-minute slot to teach trauma-informed Restorative Yoga, Yoga nidra, therapeutic breath and meditation to attendees.

I have also applied to lead two 90-minute small group caucases to present current, relevant, evidence-based research and the biology behind mindful breath and movement.

This may add three more hours to my forum, if my proposals are accepted.

I live in a remote region of California.

Two days of travel will be required.

I will forfeit one week of income from my small, private Yoga therapy practice to attend this extraordinary event.

The cost of conference registration, airfare, hotel accomodations, meals and transportation must be covered. I would also like to visit Graceland.

Please contribute to make the world a better, more compassionate place – and to make simple recovery tools accessible to those suffering the most: our community with mental health issues and our community struggling with addiction. They are, often, the same people. They are, often, ourselves.

Yoga-based interventions work. 

Breath, movement and relaxation are strong, instant medicines that relieve anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, mood disorders, anger, insomnia, compulsive behaviors, chronic pain and lifestyle illnesses.

It takes a generation for research to hit the streets.

We must begin to educate now.

I am a living example of the healing power of Yoga-based practices.

Please help me share this wisdom with others most in need.

Thank you so much for supporting this accomplishment! AUM

Please contribute here.


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