$20.00 USD

Rest Series June - July 2023 SINGLE CLASS

Thursdays and Fridays at 6pm PST 

Allow 90 minutes per class; length may vary slightly.


Introduction To The Method

Thursday, June 15

Friday June 16 


Anxiety, Depression and Sleep

Thursday, June 22

Friday June 23


Restorative Yoga and Ayurveda for Heart Health

Thursday, June 29

Friday June 30


Breast and Lymphatic Health

Thursday, July 6

Friday, July 7


Gravity, Quietude and Light

Thursday, July 13

Friday, July 14


Thursday classes will be simpler practices with some informational resources.

Friday classes will be a more in-depth, slow practice to cultivate deep calm.

Gather, in a quiet place, any blankets, bolsters, pillows, towels, eye mask or any other support to help you to rest comfortably. A long yoga band or extra long scarf will be useful.

As always, we will address breathing to relieve mental chatter, including PTSD- and TBI-specific self-regulation and recovery methods. During introductions at the start of each session, please share anything on your heart, or feel free to pass on sharing. I am especially interested in sharing reflections on spiritual awakening and cultivating sanctuary, considering the cultural and social climate.


These classes are my first foray into teaching since rehabilitating from a heart attack and prepping for a surgery that has been postponed. Thank you for your patience as I ease my way back.



Drop in or register for the entire series

$20/class $160/series


A Very Special Thank You

to everyone who contributed to my fundraisers this year. 

My own mental and physical health has suffered over the past few years and I carry that with me now. As we move forward into challenging times, I know this work is important to continue, because it is so effective and helpful for people to remember peace within. It is important for me to be honest about my own experience as I continue to teach, to ease my stress and the perfectionism that contributes to disease. The balance between teaching online and feeling connected has been a tough one to strike. I am feeling a little rusty teaching but I am ready to worship life-giving forces, the body, the heart, spirit and the mind by exploring restful shapes on the floor with you from my bedroom yoga studio and to coo inspired lullabyes to comfort us all.


If you contributed to my MealTrain or GoFundMe campaigns, please reply to this email and you will be given a link to join the class or classes of your choice. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you need financial assistance, please reply to this email.


The fundraisers are still live and open for donations in case you would like to contribute.