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May 20 - 22, 2022

Restorative Yoga Training and Retreat

Deep Relaxation, Restorative Yoga & Meditation

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Restorative Yoga Training and Retreat

Self-Regulation, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and Post-Traumatic Recovery


A Twelve-hour Learning Respite led by Brooke West, BSc, ERYT, C-IAYT, Certified Yoga Therapist 
Friday, May 20 - Sunday, May 22, 2022  at True Self Yoga, Olympia, WA and Streaming Online


Peaceful learning atmospheres bring great relief during times of great change. Brooke offers small group classes and calming retreats. Experience deep relaxation and rest, higher awareness and practice exquisite self-care.

Learn a Balancing sequence, adapting trauma-sensitivity to create a comfortable environment for rest and self-regulation during May's training retreat. This event is open to yoga teachers, anyone with a servant's heart and open to anyone seeking refuge. Yoga Alliance YACEP®.


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Trainings & Programs.

Trauma-Sensitive Restorative Yoga

Brooke offers Yoga Alliance YACEP® continuing education and trainings for women, caring professionals, yoga teachers, sincere students and everyone seeking lifelong relaxation and resiliency tools for themselves and to share. Spotlighting comfort, alternatives to conventional mental health interventions, the essence of meditation and lots of deep practice.

Atmosphere, tone, language, pace, empathy, neuroscience, movement, silence and focus are artfully woven to craft an unparalleled experience, often enjoyable to even the most traumatized clients, including yoga teachers and frontline care providers. Brooke has been honored to be called “a teacher’s teacher” and her trainings fill up quickly.

Stay Informed • Learn To Rest

Restorative Yoga Training and Retreat

$440.00 USD
May 20 - 22, 2022 Restorative Yoga Training and Retreat - You Are Invited!

One-on-One Services.

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Behavioral Health Support

Yogic Lifestyle, 12 Step Recovery & Peer Support

 Life can be difficult. Sometimes our brain changes to adapt to trauma, sometimes our personality is effected, and sometimes, it's both.

Yoga therapy offers a structure within which your spirit can be expressed and shine. Developing social skills is a significant part of an adaptive healing process.

Brooke is gifted with sharp insight and will guide you as you craft your own transformation. She lives the process herself, which makes her an excellent mentor. Yoga therapy is made simple, accessible, practical and relatable to you.

The synergy of yoga and other recovery resources creates significant, dramatic, enduring life changes. Brooke is an expertly trained group facilitator. She organizes communities which heal through friendship and service to one another. This is referred to in Buddhism as a 'paradise of generosity.'

Your free consultation is a mini-spiritual counseling session! Ask about longer sessions of spiritual counseling. 

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Yoga Therapy

Assessments, Lessons & Programs
Yoga therapy is highly recommended by physicians, psychotherapists and psychiatrists.

Programs are based on deep relaxation, specific for you, your history and your vision for yourself, and include weekly ninety-minute sessions, deep rest practices, meditation training, simple home yoga suggestions, therapeutic materials and many original and time-tested resources.

Learning to control your breathing is central to yoga therapy.

The process is easy, and what you learn is unforgettable because it is transformational. You will gain skills to use for your lifetime. Yoga therapy helps you be at ease, because yoga and relaxation help you to simply be, more comfortably.

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Kundalini Awakening and Integration

Spiritual Emergence and Spiritual Emergency for Optimal Health

Experiences like psychosis, near-death and death-witnessing experience, abuse, psychedelic experiences, and many other uniquely transformative events are not only difficult, they are often pathologized, ignored, shamed or dismissed. Cultural pressures, including psychiatry, often permanently blur our ability to explore meaning. For some people, medication is not adequate.

Positive transformation, personal evolution and cultural shifts can emerge from re-contextualizing extreme crisis. Brooke helps people find meaning and structure. By sharing experiences and resources and by celebrating our individuality and connection we can make profound changes.

Learn appropriate habits and environments to recover from dramatic life experiences and changes using Yoga’s moral and ethical principles, practices and a leaving room for awe, paradox and mystery helps us thrive. Brooke has traveled the world, studied with experts and participated in international trainings, presentations and campaigns.

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