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Has your doctor recommended yoga or meditation?


Do you suffer from insomnia, chronic stress or pain?


Do you sense that spirituality is essential to your mental or physical health?


Do you struggle with tension, anxiety, depression?

Mental health.

Have you been diagnosed with mental illness, complex post traumatic stress or physical disorders?


Do you feel alone?

Hi, I'm Brooke.

Yoga therapist, meditation teacher and spiritual emergence counselor.

Yoga was one of the things that saved my own life after my sister's suicide. Our family was gravely affected by emotional and behavioral health issues, addiction and other common ailments of our time.

I came back home to my body as a result of practicing Yoga regularly - not just the exercises, but the way of living that is holistic and reverent. Today, Yoga continues to help me manage post traumatic stress. That's what I help my students do: to change perceptions of pain and isolation, sensory processing issues, numbness, avoidance, hyperarousal and stop re-experiencing traumatic events by relaxing, improving mindfulness, reducing anxiety and depression and empowering students with the tools to regulate breathing and reset their autonomic nervous system. A calm and relaxed state is where inner healing is found. 

It is my joy to assist people with managing their own symptoms of trauma. Conscious relaxation is the key for sufferers and survivors to come back home to their body, their sense of self, balanced and grounded.

Yoga therapy is the Yoga that doctors suggest. Allow your mind to become clear and present. Return to sustained states of peace and well being.

You are not alone! You can do Yoga!

Work With Brooke.

Deep Relaxation, Restorative Yoga & Meditation Programs

One-on-One Yoga Therapy.

Premiere, customized, one-on-one yoga therapy, including an in-depth western and yogic assessment & lessons for personal issues such as pain management, emotional control, and better sleep. 

Classes, Events, Training.

Trauma-sensitive restorative yoga classes, therapeutic retreats, certifications & trainings for small groups online and in person.

Spiritual Emergence.

Expert support during spiritual emergence. Longer-term spiritual emergency, crisis & kundalini challenges are well managed with yoga therapy. 

Integrative Mental Health.

Integrative behavioral & mental health for all ages.

Work with Brooke

How completely you relax determines your vitality.

“Thank you so much for the first session… I feel so grateful to have found you. I slept for ten hours last night and needed less medication to sleep!!”

— M.K., Sydney, Australia

Find balance.

  • Feel grounded.

  • Calm the mind.

  • Become less reactive.

  • Reduce overwhelm, anxiety and depression.

  • Recover from and avoid suicide attempts and hospitalization.

  • Flex your ethics - the secret weapon for behavioral and community health!

  • Your unique contribution to the world is best expressed through peace and relaxation.

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The yoga studio in California is now closed, however Yoga therapy programs continue on Zoom.

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