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Self-Regulation and Trauma Recovery Classes at 4pmP are open online and in person

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Has your doctor recommended yoga or meditation?


Do you suffer from insomnia, chronic stress or pain?


Do you sense that spirituality is essential to your mental or physical health?


Do you struggle with tension, anxiety, depression?

Mental health.

Have you been diagnosed with mental illness, complex post traumatic stress or physical disorders?


Do you feel alone?

       "You made me feel safe..."

"It's really traumatic being locked up. Psych wards are really scary places to be. You don't know how much fight-or-flight you're in until you're out of it. You changed me from feeling broken and ikky to it being a gift, with kindness, your understanding, and having been there.

It's impossible to explain... You helped a lot a lot, making me feel safe. I am a lucky woman to have you." - Lori O'Toole, Correctional Lieutenant, retired 

  • Feel grounded.

  • Calm the mind.

  • Become less reactive.

  • Reduce overwhelm, anxiety and depression.

  • Recover from and avoid suicide attempts and hospitalization.

  • Flex your ethics - the secret weapon for behavioral and community health!

  • Your unique contribution to the world is best expressed through peace and relaxation.

Heal with Brooke

Rosemary Baxter, retired Registered Nurse

“Dear Brooke, Thank you but more than that, bless you, for allowing such a healing, nurturing experience… I needed it, welcomed it, and was refreshed once more to continue after many challenges and what seemed like an endless row of hurdles. The atmosphere, the pace, the warmth, our healing postures, your ‘silky’ voice… all part of the experience, all appreciated.”

Yoga therapy is sacred, practical, peaceful activism.

Yoga is a transpersonal tool that continues to catalyze global awakening, offering hope for the epidemics of our time. As we address the personal issues that we face, whether in the physical heart or the spiritual heart, we participate in the collective transformation of our society. From spiritual emergency to consciously wielding immense creative power, restorative Yoga therapy causes conscious evolution and creative revolution with rest, gentleness and peace.


Yoga therapy, meditation and spiritual emergence counseling.


Hello! My name is Brooke (they/them, she/her).

For almost 20 years, I have helped people avoid recurrent psychosis, hospitalization and suicide. I help others with neurodivergence of all sorts, easing life experience associated with trauma, autism, dissociation, queer and gender-queer depersonalization, sexual trauma, and what we label as addiction, PTSD, bipolar disorder, traumatic brain injury, borderline personality, Kundalini crisis, complex grief, chronic illness and pain, all with Yoga. I identify as a peer in recovery. If you are looking for the best way to understand and manage your mental health through a yogic lens, you may have found it. Yoga helps all of it.

Tools, techniques, resources, and personalized guidance are often necessary for recovery which is why therapy is recommended as a complement to psychiatry. The spiritual component and the somatic (physical, body) component are often left out of behavioral health interventions. This is why Yoga was so helpful for me, for my recovery. Yoga speaks to the transcendent. You can use yoga right now and you will be able to use yoga for the rest of your life, as a holistic measure to self-regulate. Yoga provides appropriate self-care skills for anyone with willingness and devotion to their own healing.

I have been teaching yoga for spiritual emergence, for sixteen years, and practicing daily for 24 years. I believe that yoga practitioners have a massive opportunity to make permanent changes for global peace, justice, and the environment, as activism and love.

Yoga helped save my own life after my sister's suicide. I did not have a map or a mentor to help me through the recovery and the integration process. I was lost for a long time. I worked hard to find resources, pre-internet. One resource that changed everything for me was Kriya Yoga. 

My life today is healthy, balanced and centered on calmness, self-care and rest. I accept the mystery but I am not a slave to it. How did I integrate? I had nothing left to lose but misery. Consistent practice of yoga; hours of deep relaxation; perseverance and time; good teachers and lots of community were what I found helpful and what I offer my students. Building a network that recognizes unity within duality, that seeks to transcend the binary, and balancing motion with relaxation brought me home to my body and back to a life worth living.

Yoga therapy is recommended by psychiatrists, nurses, physicians, mental health counselors and behavioral health therapists.

Elizabeth Sabet, PCC, ACSLC, CBC

Private Practice Transformational/Transpersonal Life and Spiritual Integration Coach

"Brooke, you are a seer, a listener and a healer. Your foundational Yoga is vital for people to potentially mitigate an unprepared for and unsupported awakening due to the influence of Yoga.  It solidifies a practice of grounding into the body, which would be extremely helpful to have embedded in the neurology before an awakening. That alone could possibly help people have a gentler awakening. We can't say that definitively because we don't know people's karma, soul lessons, and resistance levels in the subconscious mind. BUT, what we can say is that if a spiritual emergency does occur, the pathway for the return is more solidly in place if the foundational Yoga practices were done consistently. 

You are the voice for the unity of Yoga and its place in the integration of Spirt, Soul, and Body."

Work One on One With Brooke.

Deep Relaxation, Restorative Yoga & Meditation Programs

Yoga Therapy.

Premiere, customized, one-on-one yoga therapy, including an in-depth western and yogic assessment & lessons for personal issues such as pain management, emotional control, and better sleep. 


Classes, Events, Training.

Trauma-sensitive restorative yoga classes, therapeutic retreats, certifications & trainings for small groups online and in person. Please join our mailing list for updates.

Spiritual Emergence.

Expert peer support during spiritual emergence. Longer-term care during spiritual emergency, crisis & Kundalini awakening. 

Integrative Mental Health.

Integration of spiritual experiences improve behavioral & mental health. Psycho-spiritual development, empowerment, self-regulation, healthier families and inclusive communities.

Grow with Brooke

“Thank you so much for the first session… I feel so grateful to have found you. I slept for ten hours last night and needed less medication to sleep!!”

— M.K., Sydney, Australia

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I'd to love hear how you are faring, and how I might support your spiritual emergence!

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In person classes at The Olympia Yoga Sanctuary at 1522 4th Ave E, Olympia, WA.
One on One Yoga therapy programs continue in person & on Zoom. Proof of vaccination required.

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