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Spirituality & Somatics

Do you sense that spirituality is essential to your mental or physical health? Do you suffer from insomnia, chronic stress or pain? 

Mental Health Support

Have you been diagnosed with mental illness, complex post traumatic stress or physical discomfort? Do you feel alone?

Simple Meditation & Therapeutic Rest

Has your doctor recommended yoga or meditation? Do you struggle with anxiety, depression, energy levels and health?

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Find the breath. Soften and Feel. Change your life!

Hello! My name is Brooke (they/them, she/her). For almost 20 years, I have been helping people reduce pain and avoid suffering, including the serious stuff: hospitalization, recurrent psychosis, and suicide. I experienced all these, and I recently had a heart attack! I had stopped practicing asana, or the exercise of yoga, after catching COVID early in November 2019. I started moving again this year - again - as we do. I feel so much better - again!
I have taught yoga to thousands of people. but I am a yoga student first. I have found that offering restful practices is the gentlest way to help people. 
Yoga therapy can drastically improve and even save lives. It saved mine. After I was hospitalized twice for mental health issues, I resolved to never be incarcerated again. I chose Yoga as an avenue to health, along with medication and counseling. I have not been hospitalized since. That was twenty years ago. I live with other chronic illness, and my sister committed suicide, so I know what it means to be unwell and to grieve. 
Yoga restored my agency, alters my perception of self and the world and helps me hear my heart's message and my soul's call. Yoga gives my life meaning.
Every yoga therapy client who has demonstrated a willingness to rest has a success story.
Don't be fooled! This is so much more than exercise! If you are new to Yoga, injured or in distress, please be assured that you can do this type of yoga. The tools and philosophy are varied and vast so that yoga can be accessible to everyone, no matter age, size, health or ability. 
Yoga therapy is recommended by psychiatrists, nurses, physicians, mental health counselors and behavioral health therapists. Many psychiatrists and therapists have been my students over the years.
Autism, dissociation, queer and gender-queer depersonalization, sexual trauma, and what we label as addiction, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, Kundalini crisis, complex grief, chronic illness and pain, bipolar and borderline personality disorders, auto-immune issues and other physical ailments... We know Yoga helps. Let the gentlest path of Yoga help you!

Restorative Classes Are Back! June 15 - July 14, 2023


We will be picking up where we left off: online restorative yoga at home, maybe even from bed! 💤 Accessible to those willing. ⚡️ Anxiety and Depression help. ✨ Insomnia help. ☀️Breast health. 💛 Heart health. 💦 Lymph support stuff. ⛱️ Surprises. 👀Closed eyes. 🕉️ Spiritual practices. Meditation. 🤍 Guided yoga Nidra. 🌙 Weighted blankets. 🌊 Losing sense of time and space. 🌈 Immunity boost. 🏹 Rejuvenation. ⛱️ Mellow vibes. Stretches of silence.

Come to one or come to all classes. 90minutes-ish, shorter on Thursday, longer on Friday. Treat yourself!

The first week is intro week - learn the method. Long time students: come set the tone!

Imagine how powerful it would be if we all meditated for world peace together.

Open to all, no experience necessary.  🙏 $20/class, $160 for the series. Ten classes! Equity pricing available!

⚡️“Just a little of this practice of yoga will save us from dire fears and colossal suffering.” Bhagavad Gita

Single Class


Thursdays: education & ayurveda; Fridays: quieter, deeper session of rest.

  • Week One: Introduction to Brooke's Method
  • Week Two: Thursday: Depression Relief; Friday: Anxiety Relief
  • Week Three: Heart Health
  • Week Four: Breast & Lymphatic Health
  • Week Five: Meditation

Full Series


Ten Classes

  • Week One: Introduction to Brooke's Method
  • Week Two: Thursday: Depression Relief; Friday: Anxiety Relief
  • Week Three: Heart Health
  • Week Four: Breast & Lymphatic Health
  • Week Five: Meditation

Equity Rate

Choose Your Rate

We want you to come to class!

  • Week One: Introduction to Brooke's Method
  • Week Two: Thursday: Depression Relief; Friday: Anxiety Relief
  • Week Three: Heart Health
  • Week Four: Breast & Lymphatic Health
  • Week Five: Meditation

Private Yoga Therapy Sessions

For Customized Deep Relaxation, Restorative Yoga & Meditation Programs Click Here

Yoga Therapy.

Premiere, customized, one-on-one yoga therapy, including an in-depth western and yogic assessment & lessons for personal issues such as pain management, emotional control, and better sleep. 

Classes, Events, Training.

Trauma-sensitive restorative yoga classes, therapeutic retreats, certifications & trainings for small groups online and in person. 

Spiritual Awakening.

Expert long term care and peer support during spiritual emergence and emergency, navigating transcendent events & Kundalini awakening. 

Integrative Mental Health.

Improve behavioral & mental health, psycho-spiritual development and self-regulation, enhancing empowerment, relationships and community inclusion.

 "You made me feel safe..."

— Lori O'Toole, Retired Corrections Officer, Los Osos, California

*A note on the cultural appropriation of Yoga

The active performance of a complete Yoga, beyond physical exercise, is taught to inspire peace, including racial and social equity. I have been given the responsibility to learn, practice and teach a method of Self-realization called Kriya Yoga, which originates from a culture other than my own. I instruct, mentor and counsel, in service, with an awareness of the complexities of modern Western culture and of the commodification of Yoga. As a white, queer, non-binary, disabled person with class and education privilege, I am committed to learning how to teach more accessibly, with sensitivity. 

Other resources on cultural appropriation include Yoga Is Dead Podcast and 8 Signs Your Yoga Practice Is Culturally Appropriated and Why It Matters

Redefining What Yoga Means • Follow @BrookeWestYoga

Do you think rest might support your health?

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"I slept for ten hours last night and needed less medication to sleep!!”

— M.K., Sydney, Australia

“I felt the effects of a single class for two weeks.” 

— C. Portin, Atascadero, California

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Online and in person, currently on unceded Steh-Chass Squaxin land, Olympia, WA.

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