Restorative Yoga Training: Therapeutics, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and Post-Traumatic Recovery

This training is designed for Yoga teachers, practitioners and anyone with a sincere desire to learn more about Restorative Yoga, meditation and relaxation for health and personal development.

New and experienced yoga teachers, mind-body wellness professionals and those with a servant’s heart, such as body workers, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, mental health and public service professionals of all kinds, first responders and life coaches are all welcome.

Learn to practice and assist others in balanced sequences of restorative poses, meditation and yoga nidra for relief of stress, pain, depression, addiction and behavioral issues, anxiety, tension, trauma and more. These trainings are personal, warm, lively, engaging, relaxing and packed with resources and information which will be useful in many areas of your life.

Authentic relaxation can be the most difficult skill to master. The remedies of time, calm atmospheres, feeling cared for and being calmly witnessed can allow us to rebuild our health, our sense of self-worth and our productivity. With willingness, Restorative Yoga can be accessed by most any practitioner, no matter their fitness or experience level.

Experience and teach true relaxation.


Rest deeply.

Learn how to get comfortable. Translate that to others.

Learn how to expertly guide relaxation.

Set up and modify poses for individual needs with sensitivity.

Learn and understand therapeutic sequencing to relieve common issues.

Identify and address special problems quickly and safely.

Consider Yoga’s guiding principles, silence, affirmations and subtle elements for effective relaxation.

Develop intuition and an eye for alignment, breath and body language.

Experience and lead practice sessions.

Promote calmness in yourself and others.

Learn how to create a sense of security in any environment.

Twelve Fundamental Restorative Yoga Poses

Personal Practice • Teaching

Alignment • Assisting • Adjustments • Modifications for Accessibility

Physical and Energetic Benefits • Contraindications

Sequencing • Props • Cueing • Tone • Pacing • Silence

Sequences for Balancing Chakras • Anxiety Relief • Depression Relief

Solutions for Common Complaints

Meditation • Yoga Nidra

Creating Trauma- Sensitive, Trauma-Informed, Secure and Calming Environments


Practical, technical skills to expertly set up and modify poses for individual needs in a trauma-sensitive environment.
Learn and understand sequencing to relieve specific physical and psychological issues and to support special problems safely.
Consider principles, silence, affirmations and languaging for effective relaxation.
Experience and lead practice sessions.
Develop intuition and an eye for alignment, breath and body language.
Trauma-informed movement, breath, and other skills to promote calmness.
Learn how to make people comfortable and how to expertly guide relaxation.
Learn how to create a sense of security in any environment.


The tone of Brooke’s trainings is relaxed, friendly, personable and casual while serious in focus and attention to safety and detail. This is an intensive learning environment. Both group process and fundamentals of yoga will be emphasized. Meditation and trauma-sensitive skills will be taught throughout, as well as sharing of personal experience, discussion, lecture, question & answer, partner teaching, lessons, reading and internationally resourced material, including a manual, and direct experience of resting.

Expect to cover a large amount of material in each session and also to spend a significant amount of time practicing and experiencing deep relaxation in the poses.

You will leave skilled and equipped with tools, experience and confidence to build and teach restorative practices for yourself and others.
Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units will reflect all training hours that the student attends. Group ZOOM calls are offered for students who would like mid-training support. They are not required for students to attend, however the courtesy of an RSVP is requested. Go to and register for free. A link will be sent to you via email at the time of the session to join the call.


Welcoming. Introduction.

Kriya Yoga Vedic Meditation Instruction.

The Spine + The Subtle Body + The Nervous System + Rest.

Sitting Comfortably. Lying Down in Savasana and Crocodile Pose.

Breathing and Pranayama Techniques for Relaxation.

Medical Questionnaires. Handling Trauma Responses.

Child’s Pose. Legs Up The Wall.

Mudras and Marmas.

Supported Side Twist. Mountain Brook Pose.

The Realities of Yoga Therapy and Meditation.

Supported Bridge. Baddha Konasana.

Abdominal Twist. Supported Side-Lying Pose.

Supported Side Stretch. Yoga Nidra Basics.

Practice Teaching.

Certificate Ceremony for Graduates and Farewell.


Module 2 includes review of Module 1 poses, therapeutic sequencing and modifications, more postures, more variations to accommodate different physiques, subtle teaching techniques, meditation, relaxation and practice teaching,

Participation in Module 2 alone can only be done with prior approval from Brooke. To get the most comprehensive training, it is suggested that you take both Module 1 and Module 2.


Balancing: The Art of Sequencing for Deepest Relaxation. Ananda® Chakra Sequence.

Calming: Forward Bends. Anxiety Relief Sequence.

Enlivening: Backward Bends. Depression Relief Sequence.

Resting: Side Bends. Yoga Nidra.

Restoring: Sleep Sequence.

Restorative Yoga for Women’s Health.

Other Poses. Breathing and Pranayama. Student Teaching. Meditation. Savasana.

Certificate Ceremony for Graduates. Farewell.


Morning Session

Check-in, Introduction to the poses; brief morning practice session.

Exploring the poses or sequence, modifications, variations.

Partner student teaching.

Relaxation and meditation followed by a short break or lunch break

Afternoon or Evening Session similar to Morning Session

Q & A + special skills and techniques.

Discussion of the sequence and personal experiences.

Wrap-up + final relaxation.

Final day includes a Certificate Ceremony for Graduates and Farewell


Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Units for RYTs will reflect all training hours that the student completes.

Training may include group ZOOM calls for students pre-, mid- and post-training (or some combination). Online sessions are not required for students to attend, however the courtesy of an RSVP is requested. Register at for free. A link will be sent via email at the time of the session to join the call.

Join a private, active and intimate Restorative Yoga Training Facebook group upon registration.

Time permitting, hosting studios have the option to schedule Restorative Yoga Classes led by Brooke during the week before or after the training.


A Restorative Yoga Manual

A Recommended Resources and Reading List

An Invitation to Join a Private Restorative Yoga Training Community

A Certificate of Completion, which can be used to satisfy Yoga Alliance Continuing Education requirements

Ongoing Teaching Support


This style of Restorative Yoga uses only blankets as props.

Please bring three blankets minimum (and up to eight, made of cotton or wool) and other props such as blocks or bolsters, if you would like to practice with them. You will be given a link to purchase blankets once you have registered, upon request.

Bring a Yoga mat, water and a light snack or lunch, if you like.

Please bring a camera, a pen and notebook and an audio recording device, if you like.


Relax and Renew by Judith Lasater PhD PT

Yoga for Emotional Balance by Bo Forbes PhD

The Woman’s Book of Yoga & Health by Linda Sparrowe



Fundamentals of Restorative Yoga Training Module (30 hours total)

(1 hour online free orientation, 24 hours of in-class time, 3 hours of Restorative Yoga and Meditation classes open to the public, two hours of online group sessions)


Early bird registration $650.

Fundamentals + Therapeutic Sequencing Training Modules (60 hours total)

$1350. Early bird Registration $1250.


Free 1 hour online orientation

Friday 6pm – 9pm

Saturday 10am – 2pm and 3pm – 7pm

Sunday 11am – 6pm

Fundamentals Module 1

$525. Early bird registration $425.

Fundamentals and Therapeutic Sequencing, Modules 1 and 2, Two Weekends (36 hours)

$975. Early bird registration $775.

Add a 90 minute in-studio class

$75 per class or $15 per person

Add a 1 hour online group session to total rate

$30 per person

Add a 1 hour private session


Payment plans and equity rates available on an individual basis.

Register for standard and early bird rates and at _______ and

Register for Modules 1 + 2 via Paypal here: ________

Early Bird Rate until _______________

Register for Module 1 via Paypal here: __________

Early Bird Rate until _______________

Payment plans may be available. Please contact Brooke.

All sales are final. No refunds will be issued for any reason, but you are free to transfer your registration to another attendee.

– For Host Studios Only –

The rates for this training are dependent upon the amount of hours of instruction. It is intentionally designed to be adaptable to the needs and desires of each studio. It can be a shorter, more general or a longer, more intensive educational experience.

Suggested 30% of total revenue for events held at the host studio to be paid to host studio by the end of the final day of the event.


Brooke West (she/they)is a Certified Yoga Therapist recognized by the International Association of Yoga Therapy. She is a yoga therapy researcher, lecturer; founder of a yoga studio and co-founder and co-director of an innovative women’s yoga and wellness cooperative in San Luis Obispo County, California. She has refined her signature teaching style over almost twenty years of teaching therapeutic Yoga in person and online, locally and nationally, in yoga teacher trainings, workshops and retreats. She has been an invited lecturer at international yoga and mental health conferences. Yoga therapy for behavioral health is her specialty.

Brooke has successfully served many demographics in many different settings with Restorative Yoga, including seriously impaired students with emotional, mental, behavioral, physical and spiritual unease, by reminding people how to rest very deeply. Trauma-sensitive, therapeutic Restorative Yoga, Yoga nidra and Vedic meditation have been the foundation of her yoga therapy teaching and personal practice since 2005. She is the founder of Mad Yoga Network, a directory of peer support-trained yoga teachers sharing their stories of mental health challenges and resilience via Yoga. She is the author of There Are Others: A Yoga Therapy Approach to Bipolar Disorder. She lives in California.

Find out more about Brooke at

To discuss hosting this training, including dates, hours of instruction, and fees or simply with questions, please contact Brooke.

What People Are Saying

“Oh my goodness Brooke West – can I just say how much I love you and appreciate the way you teach, the way you do your classes, and what you are teaching us in the Restorative Yoga Teacher Training? I went to a class last night to check it out since it was slow yoga/restorative yoga — I was surprised how different the experience was and not in a good way – there was no connection between the participants and teacher, we weren’t asked about any physical challenges, it was freezing in there, very few supports given (good thing I knew some that I learned from you so I was doing all kinds of supports-lol)… I could go on but I won’t [because] it feels so judgy but if I am spending any money on myself, I need to be wowed and wow- I cannot wait for Thursday’s restorative yoga class with you, and Saturday’s teacher training, and Sundays restorative class, and forever!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Keep teaching, keep reaching!”

Dee Digioia

“Class was particularly fantastic today! Thank you so much for all your teaching and wisdom and encouragement! I am so stoked to be teaching… Both of my private clients now want two sessions a week!”

Chelsea Torrone

“Really amazing info and excited for more 🙏❤️”

Jillian Delmore


Kellee Rasor

“Dear Brooke, Thank you but more than that, bless you, for allowing such a healing, nurturing experience… I needed it, welcomed it, wallowed in it and was refreshed once more to continue after many challenges and what seemed like an endless row of hurdles. The atmosphere, the pace, the warmth, our healing postures, your ‘silky’ voice… all part of the experience, all appreciated.”

Rosemary Baxter

“I took Brooke West’s Module 1 Trauma-informed Restorative Teacher Trainer class and it has been incredibly eye-opening for how I facilitate.

The trauma information was incredibly useful and I find myself being more mindful of how I instruct and interact with people.

It is useful outside of yoga settings and has been applied to many facets of my life.

Brooke is a master of blankets and has a way to make everyone comfortable with them.

She makes restorative yoga extremely accessible.

I appreciate her training and its value.

What I learned gave me lifelong tools.

I highly recommend!”

Jamie Dubin

Continue your self-care with this training.

Personal transformation and healing arises from rest, in the spaciousness of inner self-reflection.

Restorative yoga offers an antidote to today’s distractions, busyness, pain and disorder.

Restorative Yoga and meditation illuminate ease, order, and clarity.

These practices help us to develop our intuition and creativity, opening inner windows to reveal our purpose and offer a well from which to drink seemingly endless calm energy.