Yoga Therapy for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorders are misunderstood and the presentation of symptoms vary from person to person. Symptoms break through medication therapy. Behavioral health is often another facet to the disease that cannot be treated chemically; recovery must be lived day to day. Borderline/Emotionally Unstable personality disorder (BPD/EUPD) is often confused with bipolar disorder. The rate of diagnosis for bipolar disorder is increased because of the lack of treatment for BPD/EUPD. It seems easier to throw a pill at a person than to support them in self-reflection and spiritual growth.

Bipolar disorder is the sixth most disabling illness on earth.

Altered states are just one facet of bipolar disorder that can be addressed through classical yoga.

Small Group Program

Designed for the experiencers of symptoms of bipolar disorders, borderline or emotionally unstable personality disorder, anxiety, depression, PTSD and other mood disorders.  The focus will be on the unique experience of accessing rest.
There is the need for and a value of integrating concepts and experiences over space and time. This course is designed to deepen your experience of how the inner and outer environment affect mood and to allow you to manipulate thoughts, actions and attitudes to locate core knowing within yourself of balance so that you can show up fully, bringing your integral creative expression into the world.

Four hours once per month 10am PST - 2pm PST with a 20 minute break

Saturday Sessions

March 23 (fourth Saturday) / April 20 (3rd Sat) / May 18 (3rd) / June 15 (3rd) / July 20 (3rd) / August 10 (2nd Saturday) / Make up session on August 24 (Fourth Saturday)

{{{September 21 (3rd)

{{{September 28 make up 4th Saturday)

Monthly Restorative Yoga Sessions Thursday evenings the week before Saturday's session

Early-month Friday Night Peer Support group

Two 30-minute private consultations with Brooke West

Simple ten minute practices for between sessions

Before and After Worksheets

Early bird until March 15: $1055 / Paid in full: $1200 / Monthly payments: $220/mo 

Equity rates available; please inquire. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.

Frequently asked questions here: Do I need expereince, WHat is the best style of Yoga, What equipment do I need, do I need props, do I need to come to all sessions, what if I am injured,  What are the benefits of Yoga, what is the difference between a yoga class and yoga therapy, How often should I practice, can I eat before yoga, can I practice when I am menstruating, can I do yoga when I am pregnant? How do I know if I am doing it right, I have injuries - can I still practice? How do I find the right teacher, Do I have to be flexible, What if I am overweight, What if I can't get on the ground (or up off the ground), Can yoga help me lose weight, Will yoga conflict with my religious or spiritual practices, I have a hard time meditating; do I have to meditate?, Can I get a refund?, What will this program cover? trauma sensitive practices, Sleep, digestion, diet, anxiety relief, depression relief, A balanced restorative practice, Twelve fundamental yoga forms and their variations, Yoga philosophy as it pertains to mental health and spiritual emergence, mental health and yoga resources, ayurveda for mood balance

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For other questions, please contact Brooke